From recipe book to blog – a journey of frustration!


I have sought a great deal of advice about how best to get Hero’s recipes, often written down in her bulging Black&Red journal, onto this blog. Ben suggested snapping the pages with my IPhone, with the flash, to show Hero how easy it is to get the recipes onto the blog. This in theory was a great idea, quick and easy. But, if you’ve got a slightly unsteady hand like I have, you mostly end up with pages of slightly fuzzy pictures.

Sooo… option was the run the photographs through OCR software to extract the text, which I could then format into pdf’s and upload to the site. A good idea if your source material is articles, but if it’s hand-written recipes then it’s problematic and often results in a mess of jiberish and chinese symbols – not great.

Had a nagging worry last night that we probably need to think about copyright. But according to the wonderful resource that is ‘The Food Blog Alliance’, all we need to do is add ‘adapted from’ and there will be no legal come back. Pondering getting in touch with listed Chefs as a courtesy, not sure………………..

Am wondering whether the idea of the blog as gluten-free recipe compendium is a little far fetched and that Hero will think I’m mad. But I imagine that if I had coeliac disease I would love the idea of a website that sifted through all the recipe books out there and pulled out the recipes I could still use. Hope Hero will agree with me!



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