Finally – I have some time to tinker!

My hours at work have jumped up suddenly, mostly as a result of doing 2 people’s jobs!
Anyway, rant over, I finally get some time to focus on the blog again.

Hero and I were pondering gluten free christmas cake recipes yesterday and she remarked how difficult it is to find a really good gluten free recipe by searching on Google…got me thinking. How am I going to make sure that Hero gets enough hits on the site, how do I make sure her content is easily accessed? I wondered if now it is time to get a book…..but I’m doing all of this online so I must be able to find an online resource…hmmmmmm.

I’m sure when when Hero reads these back…she’s going to think I’m a total fool! I’m essentially talking to her blog.

Ok, time for action. Watch this space.



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One response to “Finally – I have some time to tinker!

  1. Um….wishing I hadn’t posted this now!

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