Chicken Noodle Soup for the tummy

The first week back at work has (of course) been a bit of a shock to the system, even though it was only 4 days. L needed one of her favourite comfort foods making for tea – chicken noodle soup. This is super easy – I’ll put the recipe on the Recipes page. Sorry about the photo – the fade out looks a lot more obvious when it’s not on a phone! I hoped you could see what the bowl says around the edge…

Today we are making ourselves feel better with a lie-in, and a trip to Loop. L wants to look at Jamieson and Smith Shetland yarn for a super-secret-squirrel knitted birthday present for me. I am going to very carefully NOT look at yarn at all…. I may have already been to visit the John Lewis sale this week, and purchased a bag of wool… Years of buying all my yarn in charity shops has taught me to find the wool first and then think about what I would like to make with it, but I think that’s not cost-effective anymore (!) I think I need to start choosing my project and then buying wool to fit. It’s nice getting unexpectedly reduced wool – but it makes more sense to buy only what I need RIGHT NOW. Maybe.

Anyway – right now I working hard on my grey jumper that i started as soon as all my Christmas knitting was done (umm – on Christmas Eve). I am hoping that this will be warm but light, something I can reliably grab and pull on to keep me warm but not weighed down or constricted. Here’s hoping anyway. None of my actual garments have turned out to be regular parts of my wardrobe. No picture’s yet of progress but it’s knitting up fast. Hopefullly this weekend I can work on sorting out my ravelry page – maybe if i update my stash and link projects to it, i can persuade myself to take some wool back to John Lewis before it’s too late.

I need a plan for this blog too…. It’s difficult to decide what to write, and to get the time. Also – I need a camera so that I can include pictures without having to bug L for use of her phone! At the moment I want to try to blog at least twice a week, maybe 3 times. I reckon twice on weekdays, and once on the weekend seems like the absolute minimum. The bonus of making myself do it is less decision making on what to include!



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3 responses to “Chicken Noodle Soup for the tummy

  1. L

    Awesome post! Keep it up! xxxxx

  2. M

    I demand the recipe for the soup!

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